Four Peaks High Country Track, Fairlie, Canterbury

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Four Peaks High Country Track Canterbury (NZ) is a unique walking, tramping or mountain biking experience, situated on our working high country sheep station, near Fairlie, South Canterbury.

A unique three or four days walk or mountain bike ride in New Zealand's high country paradise

We are just 20 kilometres north of Fairlie and 2 hours south of Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand.

This 3 day/ 3 night track is a spectacular opportunity to experience the great outdoor paradise of the South Island high country.

The Walking or Mountain Biking Track

The walking track covers a 40 - 50 kilometre round trip over Four Peaks Station following the route taken by pioneering farmers and musterers in the 1850s when sheep were first farmed in the area. The mountain bike trip is about 60 kilometres, following 4-wheel drive tracks.

The Track season is from November - April and is limited to 10 walkers or bikers per day.

Limiting the number of walkers or mountain bikers ensures you experience the peace and tranquillity of the Four Peaks high country environment, and prevents disruption to the stock being farmed there.

Usually only your group will be using the huts , and walking or biking each section of the track, at any one time. Although smaller groups of 2’s or 3’s will be required to share the hut facilities if there are several bookings for the same dates, which can occur over public holiday weekends.

There will be just you, up to 10 friends, endemic and farmed wildlife, and the great outdoors!

Accommodation - The Shepherd's Huts
The unique Shepherds' Huts are those used by shepherds for mustering and boundary keeping from the 1860s to the 1970s when there was little or no fencing in the South Island high country. 

We have upgraded them for comfort and cosiness, while taking care to retain as much of their original history and charm as possible.

Flushing loos, hot showers, spring bed bases with mattresses and pillows, are recent additions of comfort!

All you need to bring is a sleeping bag, spare clothes and your FOOD ... and your sense of adventure!

RATES: Quoted in NZ$, Subject to Change.

2012 - 2013 season

Walking Track

  • NZ$295 per person - 3 or 4 days 3 nights with Pack Transport
  • NZ$345 per person - 4 days 4 nights with Pack Transport

Price includes Pack Transport of one standard tramping pack per person. Your big packs will be transported to the huts for you. You just need to carry a small day pack with your lunch & wet weather gear - enjoyable walking!

Mountain Biking Track

  • NZ$325 per person - 3 days and 3 nights, for experienced mountain bikers
  • NZ$375 per person - 4 days and 4 nights, for experienced mountain bikers

Price includes your packs transported to the huts (one standard trampers back-pack).

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