Himatangi Beach

Visit Himatangi Beach, Manawatu, NZ

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  • Himatangi Beach is a small holiday resort on the coast between Wellington and Wanganui. The long, black sand beach is great for long walks and beach sports, and is reputed to have the most stunning sunsets in New Zealand.

    The Himatangi area is based on sand: a 20 km wide system of sand dune is the largest in New Zealand. The dunes were once stabilised by native grasses. However, cattle grazing removed the vegetation, causing the dunes to move towards and threaten the town, until major earthworks were completed with the help of the NZ Army.

    To create more pasture, early farmers drained areas of swamp around two small lakes and cut irrigation channels. These man-made streams now provide good seasonal fishing for the local delicacy “whitebait” – the larvae of native fish.


    Accommodation in Himatangi Beach (NZ)

    Himatangi Beach has only one commercial accommodation provider. A holiday camp offers self-contained, motel style rooms, backpacker-style bunk accommodation, and camping sites for tents and motor homes.

    Many of the dwellings at the beach are private holiday homes, which are available for rent when not occupied by the owners.


    Transport around Himatangi Beach

    Himatangi Beach is about 30 minutes’ drive north of Levin, or west of Palmerston North. The journey from Wanganui, to the north, takes about 65 minutes.

    Himatangi Beach is about 5 km west of State Highway 1. There are no regular transport services along the road to the beach. However, it is not long to walk or cycle. It may be possible to book shuttle or taxi transport at Levin, Palmerston North or Bulls.


    Tourist Activities around Himatangi Beach

    Himatangi Beach is great for long walks and beach sports such as cricket and volleyball. Vehicles can be driven onto the beach for longer journeys. Himatangi Beach is renowned for the beauty of its sunsets.

    Near to the beach are a playground, outdoor skating rink and mini-golf park. There are few commercial facilities at the settlement, apart from a general store, café and takeaway food outlet.

    A summer festival is held in late January each year. During summer, the beach is patrolled by lifeguards and surfing is possible when wave heights are suitable.

    Fishing in the surf or catching whitebait in streams are popular activities. Visitors can walk to the small, natural lakes Kaikokopu and Koputara that feed the whitebait streams.

    Himatangi is home to several craft studios, including a pottery and wrought iron foundry.

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